Beata Boucht and Sac Magique in Illustration Now!

October 2014

Illustration Now! 5 is out, and it features the work of both Beata Boucht and Sac Magique. Published by Tashen.

Clara Terne for För det Vidare

September 2014

Clara Terne
made the 3D-illustrations for the redesign of För det vidare, the website by the National Agency for Education, which aims at creating interest in the teaching profession. Agency: Le Bureau

Olaf Hajek for A4

September 2014

Olaf Hajek illustrated for A4′s magazine Grundskoletidningen. An article about the digitalisation of our schools.

Emma Löfström covers Gränsbrytarna

September 2014


Erik de la Reguera documents the stories of three illegal immigrants in the book Gränsbrytarna, published by Norstedts.
Emma Löfström made the cover.

Martin Nicolausson for the New Humanist

September 2014

Is Bertrand Rusell the Britain’s new philosopher of peace? Martin Nicolausson illustrates on the theme in the New Humanist.

Sac Magique for Image magazine

September 2014

Sac Magique’s illustrations on poetry for Image magazine have just been published.

Karin Rönmark for Madonnan & Gycklaren

September 2014

Stina Otteberg’s sound essay Madonnan & Gycklaren is realesed this week at the Gothenburg Book Fair. Karin Rönmark made the illustration that adverts the essay. Listen the story here. Published by Teg Publishing.

Emma Löfström exhibits in Bogota

September 2014

Emma Löfström is currently in Colombia on a recidency, and this weekend the exhibition Cabinet of Unnatural History opens at FLORA ars+natura in Bogota. Emma was invited together with her collaboration partner Irene Fuga.
We are also happy to announce that Fuga+Löfström are nominated for the Griffin Art Price 2014 in the UK!

Malin Koort for DN Boklördag

September 2014

Malin Koort created this lovely image of author P. O. Enquist’s well known green childhood home for DN Boklördag; an insert all about books and reading in the Daily Newspaper.

NU Agency for Love and Diversity!

September 2014

The Swedish election day is knocking on the door, so the NU Agency illustrators have joined forces to stand up for a diverse and tolerant society. As a picture is worth a thousand words the NU illustrators have used their skills to convey a very important message.

Row 1; Beata Boucht, Elin Svensson, Malin Koort, Clara Terne, Olaf Hajek
Row 2; Valero Doval, Chrissie Abbott, Beata Boucht, Sara Singh
Row 3: Clara Terne, Claire Scully, Karin Rönmark, Martin Nicolausson
Row 4; Beata Boucht, Malin Koort
Photo: Petter Cohen

Illustration: Karin Rönmark, Beata Boucht and Sara Singh. We cross our fingers for a happy outcome on Sunday.