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February 2014

Chrissie Abbott, Clara Terne and Martin Nicolausson are showing some of their work in a joint
exhibition at the restaurant Taverna Brillo in Stockholm.

Sara Singh’s retrospective at Ibeyo

February 2014

The PR Agency Ibeyo asked Sara Singh to show some of her work at their studio. Sara chose to show illustrations that she creates in relation to client commmissions, illustrations that work as strating points and inspiration in the process of creating the final results for the commissions.

Amelie Hegardt exhibits at Galleri Bon

February 2014

Amelie Hegardt showed specially made work for the exhibition Speglingar at Galleri Bon.

Form/Design Center shows the NU Agency wallpaper collection

February 2012

The NU Agency wallpaper collection is currently exhibited at Form/Design Center in Malmö.
Seen above are the wallpapers by Beata Boucht, Clara Terne, Emma Löfström, Hennie Haworth,
Karin Rönmark, Martin Nicolausson, Rina Donnersmarck and Valero Doval. The exhibition is on
until the 15/2-12.

Clara Terne´s installation for Front // Kartell

February 2011

The design group Front has designed a magazine rack, Front page, for Kartell. For the launch of
the magazine rack Clara Terne was asked to interpret Front´s design. An animation projected onto
prints and vinyl on the windows shows the movement of the magazine rack, which was inspired
by a newspaper blowing in the wind.

Karin Rönmark exhibits at Tranan

February 2011

Karin Rönmark exhibits at Tranan in Stockholm. Her exhibition L’exposition du système du monde
consists of wo- and three dimensonal illustration. The viewer gets to follow a failed expedition´s
search for a forrest´s secrets. At Tranan, Karlbergsvägen 14, Stockholm, untill 30/3-11.

NU Agency´s wallpaper collection for Photowall

November 2010

NU Agency has created a wallpaper collection for digital wallpaper producer Photowall. The illustrators
where given total freedom to make a wallpaper of their desire. You can get your hands on the wallpapers
though the Photowall website. Click here to see the whole collection

Beata Boucht // Wild at Heart

Chrissie Abbott // Birdsong

Clara Terne // Magnolia

Hennie Haworth // English Rose

Karin Rönmark // My Secret Garden

Martin Nicolausson // Mobil

Rina Donnersmarck // Bird Forrest

Valero Doval // Checkered Garden

Clara Terne at the first ever heavy pencil in stockholm

August 2010

Heavy Pencil is a monthly live drawing and music event that usually takes place at the Institute of
Contemporary Arts in London. Each month prominent illustrators are invited to draw live along with
the music. Now on Saturday, 21st of Aug, Heavy Pencil takes place in at in Stockholm
instead from 6 pm to 10pm. Seen below is Clara and Molly preparing for the event.

Live painting and screen printing // weekday

July 2010

Emma Löfström and Karin Rönmark created this wall painting together at Weekday, combining their
illustrations for [ingenting] into one.

Silk screened t-shirts by Emma Löfström, Giedre Domzaite, Karin Rönmark and Rina Donnersmark.
Printed by Marcus at Weekday, Götgatan.

Nu AGency invites to summer // Vitaminwater event

April 2010

NU Agency was asked to create an illustration event for VitaminWater´s pop up store in Stockholm
— Summer was delivered in the middle of the everlasting Swedish winter! The Nu Agency
illustrators created an illustarted summer world and visitors where invited to contribute to it
making their own collages and drawings.