Martin Nicolausson’s political party symbols

July 2014

For magazine OmVärlden Martin Nicolausson created fun versions of the symbols used by the parties in the Swedish parilament.

Malin Koort for Perspektiv

June 2014

The first in a series of covers and features Malin Koort will be illustrating for Perspektiv magazine.

Clara Terne for The Nordic Courier

June 2014

New iPad magazine The Nordic Courier launches it’s first issue today, and features a couple of illustrations by Clara Terne.

Claire Scully for Forskning & Framsteg

June 2014

For their latest special issue, Forskning & Framsteg commissioned Claire Scully to illustrate a full spread on the witch hunts and the
17th century astronomer Kepler, who’s mother stood accused of witch craft.

Beata Boucht for Dramaten

June 2014

Beata Boucht created this poster illustration for Dramaten and the newly written play Ungefär Lika Med by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, directed by Farnaz Arbabi.

Karin Rönmark for Arvsfonden

June 2014

Arvsfonden – who funds innovative projects for children, youth and people with disabilities – commissioned Karin Rönmark for a series
of illustrations and icons to be used at their website.

Hennie Haworth for Kvarnholmen

June 2014

Hennie Haworth created a series of illustrations for Kvarnholmen‘s visual identity, capturing both the old and the new and telling the story of the island’s current development.

Clara Terne for Prognosia

June 2014

A new piece of Clara Terne‘s work for Prognosia was just released online; The Large Pension Package.

Emma Löfström for Ponto Pocket

June 2014

Emma Löfström designed and illustrated a new release of the classic novel All Quiet on the Western Front, published by Ponto Pocket.

Martin Nicolausson for TFL

June 2014

More of Martin Nicolausson‘s work for the current Transport For London ad-campaign.